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Unlike a private equity firm, Sunlight Capital Group invests in and manages only ONE company at a time. We believe value is best unlocked through focus.


Our focus allows us to be flexible with our investments and enables us to structure a transaction that fits the needs of sellers. Sunlight Capital Group can work with you.

  • Succession
  • Partnership
  • Tax
  • Estate
  • Maintain

High Standards

We bring the highest level of professional and ethical standards to every transaction and management decision.

Preserve and Enhance

Great companies last beyond their founders. We focus on honoring, preserving and enhancing your legacy.


With over 15 years experience making investments, our team knows how to identify attractive businesses and quickly resolve questions that inevitably arise. Your time is precious; so we use it wisely.


Free Yourself to Pursue Your Next Challenge

You’ve built a great company, but now you are looking to your next endeavor. Make sure the right long-term partner is in place to extend your legacy. Sunlight Capital Group is a private investment firm focused on investing in and operating companies with a proven history.

We’re entrepreneurs looking to take a great business like yours, and make it even better by meeting today’s business needs. With decades of experience managing and investing in growth companies, the principals at Sunlight Capital know how to accelerate positive outcomes and lead the company to new heights.

Sunlight Capital prides itself on our flexibility structuring an acquisition to meet your needs. Business owners like working with us because we understand their situations:

  • Exiting a business (retiring, generational transition)
  • Partnership separations
  • Technical founders relinquishing some business responsibility
  • Spin-offs
  • and many more...

With a multi-year perspective, we are unique in the way we work with sellers compared to other private equity firms or industry strategic buyers.

Contact us and learn how Sunlight Capital is the right partner for your business.

We aim to bring expertise and a professional approach that is a sigh of relief for founders looking to exit their companies.
- Brian
Partner, Sunlight Capital
This is an opportunity for middle-market investment that brings with it two dedicated, experienced investors and managers. We’re here for the long-term.
- Charles
Partner, Sunlight Capital

Who We Are

We are a partnership of entrepreneurs, investors and operators looking to find a great business and enhance it’s value. We are unique in that the fund's investors are very involved in day-to-day operations, allowing the decisions to benefit from a broad group of operators and professional investors. Our experience spans a diverse range of industry segments and geographies, extending from some of the nation’s top venture capital and private equity firms, to owners and operators of growth businesses.


Our strength as a firm comes from the relationships that we have built. We always look to expand those relationships, and believe that the best opportunities come through this channel.

We welcome referrals for all types of businesses that meet our criteria. Sunlight capital invests in companies with with the following characteristics:

  • Target companies will be generating $1M-$10M in cash flow
  • The company must display a proven history in profits and growth
  • A US-based provider of business services or technology services

Please contact Brian Cabezud or Charles Field for more information on how we can help you get the best for your client.

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